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Jonathan R. Holeton/Johny5

    When i came to the outside world from our home the inside world... i started painting walls and eventually paper. My Mom and Dad, Lise and Richard always nurtured my artistic side. I was always drawing cartoons and doing water colors. I was fortunate to one day study Art under Toti and Peter Lewis of Vancouver Island, BC when i was about 16, where i met one of my best friends, Thor. I then got to take a sculpting workshop with Jean-Guy Dallaire who taught his amazing Sahara foam sculpting technique where we did Studies of Henry Moore's sculptures.

 Photo by Jean-Guy Dallaire

Photo by Jean-Guy Dallaire

    I then went to Multi-media school in Burnaby, BC at Institute of Communication Arts and then went to University of Alberta where i majored in Philosophy and minored in Drama. I became a professional Actor in 1996 and have been acting in various Productions since. This is my IMDB and my Actor's ACCESS Resume

    In 2001 i started MindWave Studios as a video production company and Film making resource. I specialize in Motion Graphics and VFX Compositing. I love creating and expressing myself in different mediums. In 2012 i got to take a Workshop with Herman Poulin where he taught us his very cool sculpting technique using aluminum foil. The past 5 or so years I've been writing off and on my first Feature Film, "PotHoles" and about 8 years I've been developing my Berry Bunny Character. Right now, the past year I've been getting together items for my PAC-MAN short which is a live Action short to celebrate the many years of the game and character. Bandai Namco opened up the IP for it's 80s games, such as PAC-MAN. I emailed them to register my PAC-MAN video, but they are only allowing Producers in Japan to make PAC-MAN content, so I'm now looking for a Japanese Producer to collaborate with.

    My goal as an Artist is to be constantly Learning and sharing what i learned, to constantly be evolving, because that's how we get better... and better. I believe Learning IS Life.

While at University, I was partying on weekends, getting really drunk and then my 3 year relationship with my first Gf ended, I ended up having a mental breakdown and dropped out of University, it was really hard on me and my Grandma had passed away at the time. I ended up using marijuana to not feel anything anymore, basically pot was my Gf for about 10 years while I was in Edmonton. For those 10 years I was a pothead and got into other drugs too. I ended up diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and then later on with Congruent Disorder aka Dual Diagnosis, where you have both a mental illness and addiction problem. They don't know which came first, it's the chicken or egg thing. 

    Back in around 2005 when Youtube started... something happened to me. I started to learn VFX through Youtubers and posted my own VFX videos. It kept me busy, away from unhealthy habits. I became a Youtuber and since then I've been using Youtube and Online learning to deal with my mental illness and addiction problem. I call it Youtube Creativity Therapy; where you learn your Passions for free on Youtube or anywhere online for FREE and you become a Youtuber to share your work. I became friends with many people through Youtube and still do. This is my Creation Story of how I didn't get better... but how I continually deal with my condition in healthier ways. If you struggle with addiction and mental illness... try it too.





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